30 years of experience developing innovative products and services.

Our products are effective tools to increase efficiency, automate work processes and information flow.

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/ 30 years of experience developing innovative products and services.

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GA Technologies is a leading provider company of Document Management Solutions; we deliver proven, user-friendly and customized solutions for businesses looking to jump into the paperless office wagon successfully. We integrate technology, knowledge and consulting to help you implement real document management solutions that will automate your core business processes and increase your productivity.

Founded in 1981 and with more than 30 years of experience in the document management industry, our business mission still remains the same: develop innovative products and services for effective information management.

A real document management solution is not just about transitioning paper to electronic records. It is about having a comprehensive system in place that gives your employees access to key information simultaneously; converts paper documents to digital formats that can be retrieved when needed; transforms administrative processes into workflows that can be controlled and audited; and helps to save money by reducing your paper consumption and printing supplies.

GA Technologies offers a complete products and services portfolio to manage all stages of your information lifecycle:

SCAV - The Document Management Software: SCAV is a powerful software tool to manage and control all your documents electronically no matter its format. With SCAV you can automate your business processes and send, retrieve, edit, protect, review and audit your information; and all your work processes will be now fulfilled on time. SCAV is available in two versions: SCAV 3.0 (local networks oriented) and AIRE - SCAV 4.0 (Cloud-oriented).

OKAVANGO - Archiving Service: A team of archiving specialists and a proven methodology to organize documents will provide you an accessible digital archive where you will always find the document you are looking for. It also includes a data base design, information transcription and two free SCAV software licenses.

TORRENTE - Document Scanning Service: We help you generate a digital copy of your paper documents to create a useful, actionable archive with all your images and available to all users. You receive complete design and implementation support, data base with the transcription of all scanned documents and two free SCAV software licenses.

ROBLE - Document, Digital and Vital Records Storage Service: Preserve your paper records in our secure, safe and accessible storage facilities. Need critical information or backup support devices storage? We also have specially designed facilities that will give you the peace of mind of having your information safe and accessible should a disaster strike. Avoid information loss and guarantee business continuity with our external storage service.

NIMBUS – Cloud Storage Service: It is a virtual storage service distributed in different servers connected to the Internet; a simple internet connection will allow you to access your information. NIMBUS and AIRE are the perfect combination for accessing the information from anywhere, at any time, from any device and in any format.

AIRE – SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE is the Cloud-oriented software. AIRE under SaaS model is the way that allows businesses to access this powerful software with a minimal financial investment. The special feature of this service is that customer does not need to buy a license to install it on the computer but, accesses the software via Internet and for the use of AIRE only pays a monthly fee.

GA Technologies leverages its experience to facilitate effective solutions to common information management problems. Our commitment is to keep on innovating to provide businesses the answers they seek to ever increasing information management challenges.

We offer you a new world. Don’t miss the opportunity to enter “The World of the Paperless Office”
Learn about GA Technologies
The World of the Paperless’ Office
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