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GA Technologies offers the Cloud Storage Service, NIMBUS, a model of virtual storage distributed on different servers connected through the Internet. NIMBUS allows you to access the information through a simple Internet connection.

NIMBUS allows you to store unlimited files of any size without affecting the operation of your servers; thus, the lack of space in your computer equipment will not be a problem.

NIMBUS works in combination with AIRE (SCAV 4.0), our cloud-oriented software. AIRE allows NIMBUS users to view their information from anywhere, at any time, from any device (laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) and in any format.

NIMBUS is a service that provides total security for the storage of the information; only authorized personnel with security password can access the information. Even when AIRE software is installed the access is restricted, directories or files cannot be changed and information cannot be deleted or modified.

Service Features:

+ The Cloud Storage Service is provided from our corporate office in South Florida and is available for all countries in the Latin American Region.

+ Has replicated servers (mirrors) between storage centers in the U.S. and Germany under very strict security measures.

+ As for the traffic information, the service allows you to store unlimited amounts of files; therefore, there are no limits or charges for the amount of information transmitted to the server (Upload) or from the server (Download).

+ Flexibility to increase or decrease the disk space.

+ Services for data and images migration from customer’s server.

+ Costs involved: Monthly Storage Service; one fee for installation; one fee for Data Migration.

+ More space available with just one phone call.

Service Description

Cloud Space: The space required by the client on remote servers is enabled for installation of applications, data and files (images, electronic files, voice, video, etc.).

Servers: The information is stored on computers with the following characteristics:

Processor: Intel ® Xeon ® E5-2440
CPU Cores: 2 x 6 Cores (24 HT) x 2.4 GHz (Turbo Boost 2.9)
HDD: 4000 GB (3 x 2,000 SATA)
RAID: Hardware RAID 5

Data Transfer:

Bandwidth: 100 Mbit/s for fast access to Internet
Traffic: Unlimited and unrestricted


Windows Server 2012 Standard
MS SQL Server 2012


SSL Certificate: Security certified for data exchange.
Firewall: External Firewall IP - based Cisco.
FTP backup: 250 GB for secure memory on FTP for security copies.


+ User is able to manage the information with security, versatility and the advantages provided by AIRE (SCAV 4.0).

+ The Cloud Storage Service is not expensive because the client does not need to hire IT staff for manage, operate or endorse the stored data; and no constant upgrades of hardware and software are needed.

+ NIMBUS offers the tranquility of not having to worry about any attack from a hacker or a virus because the information is stored in The Cloud away from the computers, where information is well protected and reinforced.

+ No need to worry about failures, extreme damage or theft of your computer because the information is protected in the cloud and to access and retrieve it you only need an Internet connection.

+ Using AIRE you do not have to worry about uploading the information on the cloud because it is an automatic process; also, you do not have to worry about making periodic information backup.

+ Store files of any size and in any format, including images, audio, video and multimedia.
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