Make your information trustworthy, standard, confidential, systemized and available in real-time.

SCAV is a Document Management software. Here you have everything you need to know about SCAV: general, operative and technical information.

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/ Make your information trustworthy, standard, confidential, systemized and available in real-time.


GA Technologies offers you SCAV, the software that will give you safe and fast access to your documents and information whenever you need them. Manage your documents in computer networks through each phase of their life cycle --creation, storage, distribution, retrieval and version management--.


How can you help us implement SCAV in our organization?

GA Technologies has proven experience implementing document management solutions in companies of all sizes and budgets. From simple solutions such as a SCAV installation with user training, to complete turnkey projects. We always define your requirements first and develop custom procedures that will enable a paperless office operation.

How long does it take to install SCAV?

SCAV is a finished product; therefore PC installation only takes minutes.

How much time does it take for people to embrace SCAV?

Despite the initial disruptive change in the way people work, ease of use and fast information access capabilities make SCAV adoption easier. However, according to statistics managed by Grupo Archicentro for groups of fifty (50) people, in a two month period people use the system as an everyday tool.

What do you do with the physical file?

The physical documents are digitized and archived. SCAV comes with a Policy and Procedures Manual that clearly outlines the process to follow to the management of the physical file. The methodology for archiving documents can follow three different criteria: i) file consecutively; ii) file as records; and, iii) mixed file.

What kind of support you get with the purchase of the system?

SCAV has an unlimited warranty against defects and our company guarantees the solution of any problem. If the problem cannot be resolved by telephone or Internet, a consultant moves to the offices of the customer to solve the problem.

How much does a scanner cost?

Scanners pricing may vary based on brands and features. A basic scanner capable of processing a sheet entered manually can cost US$ 40.00; but equipment of high-resolution, high-production can have a cost of US$ 30,000.00. Suggested scanners for use with SCAV have an average price of US$ 800.00, a price that includes the sheet feeder that is indispensable for bulk document element.

Does SCAV replace the use of Microfilm?

Microfilm is a way of capturing images through a photographic film. Current microfilm systems let you manage photos in digital format and SCAV is capable of managing any digital file. Rather than replace the use of microfilm, SCAV can take advantage of the speed of a microfilm system when you want to enter large uniform in size and shape volumes of documentation allowing information retrieval through key words and key phrases.

What are the advantages of AIRE (SCAV 4.0) with respect to SCAV 3.0?

AIRE (SCAV 4.0) is a software that allows you to be mobile when you are out of the scope of the VPN server or your business; therefore, you can access the application from anywhere and any device (laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.). Similarly, infrastructure allows you to hire a remote server in The Cloud and manage the product from there.

How I can access my documents using AIRE (SCAV 4.0)?

Four items are needed: 1) The device (laptop, tablet, smartphone). 2) Internet connection. 3) The link that allows you to start the application and connecting to where you have installed the application, either on the server of your company, a data center or a Cloud Storage service. 4) Any browser that can run the query options of the system from the Internet.

Are there any limitations for using AIRE (SCAV 4.0)?

In case you have a poor broadband connection is not recommended to work with AIRE.


Can SCAV be adapted to specific customer needs?

Yes; SCAV is proprietary software developed by GA Technologies. The first SCAV version was created back in 1991; throughout the years there have been special modifications to meet the specific needs of some of our customers and said modifications have been used to enrich the new versions of SCAV. Therefore, any changes that may be required can be made prior a study on customer requirements.

Can SCAV interact with the Internet?

Yes; SCAV has a browser that lets you access and save any Web site for future reference. Additionally, it has a Web application that operates from any browser, allowing you access a web-based SCAV version.

Over which platform runs the system?

The SCAV is capable of operating on any platform on which to operate a browser or an application to browse the Internet. SCAV includes a Web Client application that can run on any browser in any operating system (Windows, Linux, Unix, Mac OS, among other). It only needs a Windows-based workstation for setup and maintenance functions.

Does the system have the ability to work with Workflow?

Yes, SCAV allows Workflow management with a user-friendly graphic interface that enables any user to draw the desired workflow without requiring programming. Furthermore, it also let you verify actions and check workflow status for any process, even visually indicating you in which workflow station the process is stopped.

Can the information be stored on a Compact Disk?

Yes; SCAV is capable of handling any media storage available for computers. The most common are: compact disk, optical discs, magnetic hard drives, tapes, etc.


What should be the configuration of the equipment required for SCAV?

The configuration required on the computer depends on the version of the software that was purchased: SCAV 3.0 (local networks oriented) or AIRE - SCAV 4.0 (Cloud-oriented).

Can read and interpret the information that exists in an image?

Yes; but the image must be processed using a technology that enables these functions and is called OCR (Optical Character Recognition). It should be used the OCR function that SCAV has in order to read and interpret the image.

What image format uses SCAV?

The system handles multiple image formats (TIFF, PCX, BMP, TIF2, JPG, WMF, DIB, GIF, etc.) ensuring outstanding resolution and true copies of all scanned documents. Updates are constantly made to SCAV and any new format that arises in the market is added to ensure a platform fully compatible with other environments.

How much storage space do I need to save scanned images?

SCAV has its own compression routines that reduce the image size from 60% to 92% depending on the image density (a photograph is very dense but a letter of five lines is light). In one gigabyte you can store between 30,000 or 35,000 images (each page represents an image).

What are the applications of AIRE (SCAV 4.0)?

AIRE has the following applications: ''AIRE Express'' that works on any browser (Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, etc.); and, ''Administration'' application.

In which programming language was SCAV developed?

Windows versions were developed with Visual Basic; for versions of Internet / Intranet Java (J2EE) was used.

In which programming language is developed AIRE (SCAV 4.0)?

The application Administration and Maintenance is developed in Visual Basic 6.0. The Web Client for User application is developed in: Visual Studio, .Net,, C# and others such as HTML, Jquery, Telerik ASP.NET AJAX, Javascript.

What type of database archiving does SCAV use?

SCAV 3.0 is designed to interact with any commercial database manager. The most common implementations are done in MS-SQL Server, Oracle and PostGreSQL.

What type of database archiving does AIRE (SCAV 4.0) use?

AIRE (SCAV 4.0) is designed to interact with SQL Server (version 2008 onwards).

What are the minimum requirements to use SCAV 3.0?

Stations with sufficient requirements to run Windows XP or a later version are needed.

What are the minimum requirements to use AIRE (SCAV 4.0)?

Any computer with Internet browsing capabilities is required. The computer must have the following characteristics:

+ Minimum screen resolution: 1024 x 768.
+ Web Browser: Internet Explorer 9 or higher, Google Chrome 26, Firefox 20 or higher.

Browsers without supplements (add-on, plug-ins or toolbars) that occupy workspace reducing the screen resolution available for AIRE

On which operating systems run AIRE (SCAV 4.0)?

AIRE runs on various platforms such as Windows (version 7 and above); Linux and Mac-OS X.

Does AIRE (SCAV 4.0) require a dedicated server?

It is not necessary but it is recommended for safety.

Is a Web Server required to run AIRE (SCAV 4.0)?

Yes, it is required; IIS (Internet Information Services) Microsoft's version 7 or higher is required.

What is the bandwidth should be taken?

A minimum of 2048 mbps is required for Web Client.
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