Services designed to manage and preserve your paper documents.

Business solutions specially designed to take care of your paper documents along their entire lifecycle: archiving service; document storage service; document scanning service.

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Services / Services designed to manage and preserve your paper documents.


The purpose of a Document Management System is to preserve knowledge and historical memory of the organizations; and as pointed out by specialized studies, 90% of corporate memory exists on paper.

Given this circumstance is that it becomes necessary to have a set of procedures to facilitate the proper administration and help preserve the information, whether you find it in paper or digital format. For GA Technologies document management is not about “just having software”, but a set of rules and procedures for the adequate management, preservation and custody of documents.

We have designed a portfolio of complementary services specially designed to take care of your paper documents and digital information throughout their life cycle.


TORRENTE is a Document Scanning Service that helps you generate a digital copy of your paper documents to create a useful, actionable archive with all your images. The Document Scanning Service offers three alternatives: i) Torrente Express: Offers “The Scanning Station”, ideal for small projects. Ii) Torrente Massive: Ideal for large projects; a Production Line has the capacity for scanning 35,000 pages per week. Iii) Torrente Business: It is a 'turnkey' solution; it allows your company to execute any scanning project.

OKAVANGO is an Archiving Service that helps you keep your documents organized. It gives you access to archiving experts that will organize your documents using a proven methodology and, the SCAV software to manage your information effectively. You also receive two free SCAV licenses and, a complete inventory of your documents installed in your SCAV’s database.

ROBLE is a Document Storage Service that focuses on preserving your paper records in secure, safe and accessible storage facilities. Keep your paper records organized, clean and secure. The service includes two free SCAV licenses.

NIMBUS is a Cloud Storage Service that offers a virtual storage model distributed on different servers connected to Internet. You only need an Internet connection to access the information. AIRE (SCAV 4.0), our software cloud-oriented, allows NIMBUS users to view their information from anywhere, at any time, from any device (laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) and in any format.

AIRE – SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE is the Cloud-oriented software. AIRE under SaaS model is the way that allows businesses to access this powerful software with a minimal financial investment. The special feature of this service is that customer does not need to buy a license to install it on the computer but, accesses the software via Internet and for the use of AIRE only pays a monthly fee.
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