Our Authorized Resellers have the solution.

It does not matter which industry you are in, our experienced authorized resellers have the solution. Many organizations have been our clients and have received a customized solution to their problems.

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/ Our Authorized Resellers have the solution.

  They have the Solution

It does not matter where your business is located nor which industry you are in, our experienced Partners are surely near you in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, United States, Trinidad & Tobago and Venezuela.

Banks, insurance companies, law firms, food producers, government agencies, hospitals, oil industries, professional service firms, universities and many other organizations from many industries have been our clients for the past 30 years and have received a customized solution to their problems.

For that reason, if you know your problem but are not sure what the most appropriate solution is, then our Partners will do a presentation with innovative solutions to solve it. But if you do not know exactly how to attack the problem, then we can have an Initial Consultation and find a solution together.

For any problem… our Partners always have the best solution:

SCAV is a Document Management Software developed by GA Technologies; it has been specially designed to handle large volumes of information in any format: text, electronic files, scanned images, photographs, voice, video and Web pages among others. SCAV is available in two versions: SCAV 3.0 - Local Networks oriented and AIRE (SCAV 4.0) - Cloud-oriented.

TORRENTE is the service that helps you generate a digital copy of your paper documents. Torrente has 3 versions: Torrente Express: offers “The Scanning Station”, ideal for small projects. Torrente Massive: ideal for large projects. Torrente Business: it is a 'turnkey' solution that allows you to execute your own scanning project.

OKAVANGO is the service that helps you keep your documents organized. It gives you access to archiving experts that will organize your documents using a proven methodology.

ROBLE is the service that focuses on preserving your paper records in secure, safe and accessible storage facilities. Keep your paper records organized, clean and secure.

NIMBUS is a Cloud Storage Service that offers a virtual storage model distributed on different servers connected to Internet. You only need an Internet connection to access the information.

AIRE – SOFTWARE AS A SERVICE is our Cloud-oriented software. You do not need to buy a license… just accesses the software via Internet and for the use of AIRE pay a monthly fee. AIRE allows NIMBUS users to view their information from anywhere, at any time, from any device (laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, etc.) and in any format.
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