SCAV is a Document Management software developed by GA Technologies.

SCAV handles information in any format: text, email, scanned images, pictures, voice, video or web.

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/ SCAV is a Document Management software developed by GA Technologies.

  What is SCAV?

SCAV is a Document Management Software developed by GA Technologies; it has been specially designed to handle large volumes of information in any format: text, electronic files, scanned images, photographs, voice, video and Web pages among others. SCAV is one of the most user-friendly Document Management applications.

SCAV is available in two versions: SCAV 3.0 and AIRE (SCAV 4.0):

+ SCAV 3.0 - Local Networks oriented: It is ideal for companies operating in a single location where all computers are connected to a server through cables, a wireless network or both.

+ AIRE (SCAV 4.0) - Cloud-oriented: AIRE has been developed taking into account two important aspects: i) Mobility: allow access to information through mobile devices such as laptops, tablets, smartphones, etc. Ii) Information storage on remote servers (The Cloud); this application uses Web Services to exchange information. The software works across browsers; it is ideal for companies that have multiple separated facilities. AIRE is a tool for monitoring and control the information with any device connected to the cloud (remote server) and the connection to the server is done via the Internet or Intranet.

SCAV works with a simple search engine that facilitates rapid location of any electronic document, scanned images or digital photographs by using keywords that identify the document.

SCAV will automate the handling of information by scanning the documents and converting paper documents into electronic files.

SCAV keeps all information centralized and available to multiple users; avoids data entry errors; enables audit process and allows data import from external sources.

SCAV is comprised of “Catalogs” or databases with multiple fields to store information related to documents or files. The information within the catalog is displayed to users in “Index Cards”. Information in any format can be stored in the catalog: text, email, scanned images, pictures, voice, video or web. Besides, catalogs can be linked to one another.

SCAV automates work processes by creating Workflows. This tool establishes tasks and sequence of activities; a graphic interface allows non-technical users to design workflows and databases directly. The workflow enables:

+ Centralize performance management and process monitoring.
+ Increase productivity and efficiency.
+ Ensure compliance with policies and procedures.
+ Identify bottlenecks and avoid rework.
+ Increase accountability and control.
+ Enable process audits, reports and statistics.

SCAV generates a Workflow Report to monitor workstations performance and response times. It also enables supervisors to control the workflow in real time.

SCAV’s Audit Module keeps track of every electronic document. It controls queries, users, dates, hours, catalogs, options and any action executed within the system. This module is used to determine: who modified a record; what information was modified in a given field; observed data created or modified in the registry; what time the user entered or left the system; and log-in denied among others.
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